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Robert P. Miles

International Keynote Speaker and Author
Warren Buffett Scholar and
Berkshire Hathaway Authority

Speaking Topics

Reflections of a Billionaire CEO
How to See You in the Image


Unique profiles, common characteristics, and management secrets of Warren Buffett's management team. Miles is the author of The Warren Buffett CEO, a book that provides a unique, inspiring view into the lives, values, and management styles of the CEOs of the businesses comprising the Buffett empire. While researching the book, Miles discovered common traits among more than 20 CEOs of Buffett-owned companies, including: high ethical standards, integrity, and an impressively high energy level. Miles shares stories that every businessperson can learn from and imparts information they can implement in their own business practices.

Warren Buffett Wealth
Principles and Practical Methods Used by the World's Greatest Investor


This is an in-depth and multi-media review by Buffett Wealth author Robert Miles of simple principles used by Warren Buffett to become a multi-billionaire. Beginning students as well as professional investors will be informed and entertained by Buffett's practical, value-based, and ethical investing methods.

Unraveling the Genius of Warren Buffett



SESSION ONE: The Genius of Warren Buffett: The Science of Investing and the Art of Managing

Who is the world's most successful investor? Why you should know, study and understand him if you too want outstanding investment results are a few of the questions that are answered in this opening session and keynote address. details...

SESSION TWO: Reflections of a Billionaire CEO: How To See YOU in the Image

This session explores the unique profiles, common characteristics, and unorthodox management secrets of Warren Buffett's remarkable management team. 

Investing in Times of Uncertainty
Why Warren Buffett Prefers Declining Markets


During a economic crisis, the global markets turn to the world's greatest investor for comfort and guidance. Its of little wonder since his record is truly extraordinary during market declines. Confidently and boldly Warren Buffett quickly moves to invest billions when others are rendered indecisive by red ink and capital losses. The true measure of investment talent is best defined during bear markets. While most well-known investors boast impressive stock market returns during bull markets, they show their true colors when the market takes a steep and steady decline.

In Search of the Next Warren Buffett
Beating the Market by 6.8% Annually For 25 Years


Discover the relatively unknown and the only person approved by Warren Buffett to replace him as chief capital allocator at Berkshire Hathaway. He currently manages a multi billion dollar all equity portfolio for a wholly owned subidiary of Buffett's conglomerate. Unlike his boss, he invests more like the average private and professional investor in publicly traded equities, without holding cash or fixed income, wholly owned subsidiaries, warrants, or special preferred deals. Learn how he has been able to out-perform the returns of Warren Buffet as well as the 500 largest companies in the USA with a totally different mix of stocks than his more famous counterpart. He is proof that Buffett like market beating returns are more than luck and indeed can be duplicated without picking the same stocks.

Warren Buffett Corporate Governance
Building a World Class Board of Directors


While Warren Buffett's holding company Berkshire Hathaway has built an extraordinary portfolio of companies along with a remarkable team of CEOs, he has also attracted the best board of directors in the world. Find out how he did it and what criteria he uses to assemble his board. What are the underlying corporate governance philosophies of Berkshire and how they have evolved.

Warren Buffett Real Estate Investor
Valuation, Opportunity, Partnerships, Investment Horizon, and Future


Warren Buffett started real estate investing very early in life. At the age of 11, his first stock purchase was Cities Service, a gas station chain, now known as Citgo. At 14, he bought 40 acres of Nebraska farm land. This was before he learned the three most valuable lessons about investing taught to him by his college professor that he has applied to his investments for over six decades. Without these important principles, Buffett would not have built America’s 5th largest company.

Buffett’s real estate experience and holdings are vast. His investment vehicle and conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, owns the second largest independent residential real estate brokerage firm in the USA. Berkshire owns the largest factory built home manufacturer, the largest single location home furnishings store, a one of a kind commercial mortgage company, and the largest commercial property and casualty insurer. Although long associated with Coca Cola and American Express, his largest common stock investment is the leading home mortgage lender in the USA.

Warren is optimistic about the future of the USA economy, real estate, commercial lending and home building with our best yet to come. 

Women and Warren Buffett
How They Have Influenced, Guided, and Made Him a Better Investor, Manager, Communicator, Philanthropist, and Person”


Warren Buffett readily admits that Berkshire Hathaway (now America's 6th largest company) would not have existed without the influence and guidance of his late first wife, Susan. She also helped shape his charitable and political beliefs steering him away from his boyhood and his father's deeply held governmental philosophies. His long time editor, his bridge partner, and even his closest adviser are female. Several women entrepreneurs and professional managers have sold their businesses to him.

His conglomerate has two women directors and his family foundation has a majority female board. And one of his largest public investments of $11 billion has a woman President and CEO. Warren is optimistic about the future of the USA economy, primarily because of the impact women will make as their full potential is unleashed.

Workshop Topic
“What's New at Warren Buffett's Investment Holding Company: How It Can Super Charge Your Portfolio”

What you will learn:

A fascinating review and update of one of the world's largest companies, Berkshire Hathaway and longest serving and renown CEOs, Warren Buffett. This presentation reveals some valuable insights by someone who has studied, written and lectured about the company and its management team for over a decade. Since Berkshire Hathaway is a unique conglomerate made up of $70 billion in various publicly traded securities plus a diverse group of wholly owned companies, it provides the average investor with excellent investment lessons and market signals.

The Secret Billionaires' Club
Why Study Warren Buffett?


The first of 12 in-depth sessions on the extraordinary life of a financial, management, business and charitable legend is a brief introduction to the course now available to Executive MBA students and lifelong learners from around the world. Most, if not all, titans in business and philanthropy amassed their wealth through the timely development of a product or service or the old fashioned way: inheritance. Buffett stands alone by not having developed a unique business but rather by investing in businesses through the stock market or acquiring wholly owned businesses. As a result, his enterprise, Berkshire Hathaway, prospered into one of the world’s largest and most profitable such entities.

Simple Investment Strategies of Warren Buffett


Proven and documented principles used by the world's most successful investor are examined in-depth. Learn how to apply these easy methods no matter what your age or experience. Understand what to know before you make an investment, how to determine if you are on the right track, and where to find valuable investment ideas.



Surprisingly simple and easy to understand strategies used for over six decades by the world's most successful investor.

Warren Buffett Portfolio
Lessons From the World's Greatest Investor


Carefully analyze each stock in Warren Buffett's corporate and pension fund portfolio and understand why they were selected. Understand a simple valuation method used by Warren Buffett to apply to your investments. Workshop will include an actual stock purchased along with a careful explanation of its valuation. How you can construct a world class portfolio without the benefit of a calculator or computer.

USA Investment Outlook


A short economic briefing with the same data that the world's foremost financier shared with the President of the United States. Berkshire Hathaway's ever expanding group of wholly owned companies provides a leading economic indicator of the country's gross domestic product, employment, retail sales, housing, mortgage, and consumer debt. Learn how the most current information can help you with your investments.

Corporate Venue Suggestions


Bob Miles's topics are engaging, informative and inspirational for a variety of corporate venues.   Large or small audience groups will benefit from his affidable, congenial delivery of topic material on Management, Investment, Finances, Leadership and more.... topics that are not only understandable to most business-oriented audiences, but also insightful information for their business and personal enrichment.

Bob Miles's presentations are appropriate for many business venues, including: annual meetings, conventions, speaking and book signing programs, corporate meetings, iInternational meetings, boardroom keynote, investment groups/clubs, or more individualized one-on-one interactions with specialized groups. Mr. Miles makes presentations worldwide.

Robert Miles speaking in Quebec City at the historic Theatre Capitole to a sold out audience of 600.

Educational Venues

11 GOB F14 final day of class 10-18-14 MaverickPR Kimberly Bailey.jpeg

University level students for both graduate and undergraduate courses will find Bob Miles's depth of knowledge in Management, Finance, Investment, and Business Ethics engaging and loaded with useful tools and guidelines for their future or current careers in the business world. Robert Miles has presented to students at EMBA, MBA and BSB levels.  His appealing manner of presentation is readily enjoyed by his student audiences.

Credit courses, seminar keynote, seminar lecturer, graduation guest speaker, seminar guest lecturer, undergraduate level lecturer, graduate level lecturer, business college keynote and individualized class presentations are a few Educational venues.  Bob Miles lectures at most all international locations.

Robert Miles, Instructor of the Genius of Warren Buffett Course



The Smithsonian • Kroger • Canadian CEO Symposium • Omaha World Herald Investment Conference • Acme Brick • National Business Aircraft Association • Financial Analysts Society • Justin Brands • University of Nebraska • American Association of Individual Investors • Quebec City Chamber of Commerce • Taking Stock in Children • Iowa Bankers Assoc • Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Nightingale Conant Insiders Club • Mastermind Alliance Group • Leadership Tampa • Freeman Fox (Australia) • Berkshire Group and AIC Funds (Canada) • Rentrop Publishers (Germany) • Oxford Club (Europe) • Louisiana State University • Value Investor Conference • Commonwealth Advisors, University of Texas • Million Dollar Round Table • Top of the Table • Asia Financial Planning Journal (Singapore) • Asia Pacific CEO Association (China) • Financial Planning Association of Australia • Times of India • Mindscape and more…


Jack Welch says: "Everyone knows Warren is the greatest investor of our time… [Robert Miles] for the first time captures his genius as a manager."

Warren Buffett says: "Everyone who reads it comes away singing its praises. I'm mentioning it in the annual report."

"Your presentation was wonderful. Even those of us who know something about Warren Buffett, enjoyed the stories you related." — Laurie Cronin, Charles Schwab

"It's amazing how your presentation struck different chords with each of us. With me it was the simplicity of single decision events — Buffett owning just one house, buying a business forever." — Tom Ulanski, Financial Analyst Society

"Everyone enjoyed your presentation - they are now all reading your book."
— Gloria Landry, Kroger

"Everyone who reads it comes away singing its praises. I'm mentioning it in the annual report."  — Warren Buffett , on The Warren Buffett CEO  

"Everyone knows Warren is the greatest investor of our time… [Robert Miles] for the first time captures his genius as a manager."  — Jack Welch, retired CEO, GE

"Your presentation was wonderful. Even those of us who know something about Warren Buffett enjoyed the stories you related."  — Laurie Cronin, Charles Schwab

"It's amazing how your presentation struck different chords with each of us. With me it was the simplicity of single decision events Buffett owning just one house, buying a business forever."  — Tom Ulanski, Financial Analyst Society

"Everyone enjoyed your presentation - they are now all reading your book."    — Gloria Landry, Kroger


"Australian audiences are totally captivated by Robert Miles' explanation of the investing principles of Warren Buffett. . .convinced that these simple methods work anywhere in the world."          — Peter Spann, Founder and CEO, Freeman Fox, Australia's foremost wealth educator


"Masterful presenter Robert Miles teaches that indeed it is possible to create a fortune without compromising your principles."    — Norman Rentrop, Founder and Chairman, Rentrop Publishing, Bonn, Germany


"Robert Miles paints a picture of capitalism at its finest. Creating wealth by building an enterprise, unleashing the capital inside the business by selling to Berkshire, preserving the unique management culture and values, and passing the wealth on for the benefit of others. A beautiful and masterful showcase of the circle of wealth."     — Bill Child, Chairman, R.C. Willey Home Furnishings, Salt Lake City, Utah

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