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2024 Conference Updates

The 2024 Value Investor Conference raised $40,000 for student scholarships this year bringing our total combined contributions to $350,000. 

Robert Robotti's 2024 Video Presentation


Rob Vinall's 2024 Video Presentation

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Robert Hagstrom

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2023 Conference Updates

VIC 2023 Donations


We are pleased to announce an additional $2000 was donated by one of our generous 2023 speakers.  To date our total raised is $66,000 for 2023.

VIC 2023 Donations


We are pleased to announce that our Omaha Spring 2023 events raised $64,000 for the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) College of Business (CBA).   $40,000 was contributed to the Dean Emeritus Louis Pol Student Scholarship Fund; $20,000 for UNO CBA Student Scholarships and $4,000 GOB (Genius of Buffett) Investment Fund. 

The GOB Investment Fund established in 2014 (to make investments in stocks recommended by enrolled Executive MBA students and participants of the Genius of Buffett Course) will soon make its first annual distribution of 4.25 percent. With a current market value of $140,000, the first annual payment (due to commence 10 years after our initial funding) to UNO CBA will be approximately $6,000. Distributions are unrestricted and at the discretion of the current CBA Dean, however the initial intention of the primary funding sponsors is for the funds to be reinvested in the UNO Executive Management Education Department.

VIC 2023 Contributions


We are delighted to announce that the 2023 Berkshire System Summit and the 20th Annual Value Investor Conference along with the Omaha Value Dinner and the Omaha CEO Dinner allowed us to donate $20,000 to the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) College of Business Administration (CBA) - Dean Emeritus Louis Pol Student Scholarship Fund. This amount was matched by the Nebraska University Foundation. One of our presenters Bill Smead donated an additional $10,000 so $50,000 in funds will be awarded this fall semester to underserved and first generation UNO CBA students.

Robert P. Miles
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