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Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?
A. Refunds are available for cancellation requests received 60  days prior to the conference, less a $200 processing fee. Within 60 days of the event, there are no refunds however you may send a colleague in your place provided you notify us by email at least 2 weeks in advance.  VIC highly recommends the purchase of travel and medical emergency insurance should flight delays and illness prevent your attendance. VIC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to make necessary changes in speakers, fees, content or any other details of the program or to cancel it without notice, in which event VIC’s liability is solely to refund all registration fees.

Q. Is the event open to the media? 
A. No, while in the past we have invited the media (most recently 28 members of the press registered), attendees prefer a closed conference so presenters are able to speak with candor. Restricting the press and cameras gives our registered attendees full access to the speakers.   Sorry, there are NO complimentary media passes.

Q. Is your event available online?
A. No, one of the benefits of our meeting is the interaction and networking opportunities with participants from six continents and as many as 24 countries. Up close and personal contact with our presenters is one of the number one positive comment we get from attendees. We do post some of the presentations on our website after the event giving our attendees plenty of time to act on any actionable ideas.

Q. Is there a discount for early registration?
A. Yes we publish our registration discount schedule here:

Q. Can I pay with credit card? 

A. Yes, the website registration uses both credit cards and PayPal. We also accept bank transfers and can send an invoice with wire instructions upon request.

Q. Do you have hotel recommendations? 

A. There are several hotels near University of Nebraska at Omaha and it is best to book early. Here are a list of Omaha hotels provided by the Omaha Convention and Visitor Bureau. We do not have special hotel arrangements as attendees have a wide variety of preferences.

Q. Should I get travel insurance?
A. Travel Insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Berkshire Hathaway Travel insurance offers policies that insure your investment in case you need to cancel (including “cancel for any reason” coverages), coverages for expenses incurred due to weather & travel delays, personal property loss and emergency travel medical. 

Q. Does the bundle include tickets for the Berkshire annual meeting? 

A. BRK credentials are sent upon request to shareholders once the Annual Letter is made available. We often have extra credentials which we provide to attendees on a first come basis.

Q. Can you provide a Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting pass?

A. Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Credentials are issued by the company to shareholders upon request through its proxy statement mailed in the spring (around Mid-March) to shareholders of record. Berkshire Hathaway also posts the form on its website around that time, so check the website when the meeting info is posted to request credentials. Anyone owning a large cap mutual fund or S&P 500 index fund is likely an owner and may bring proof of ownership to Omaha to receive meeting credentials.

Q. Does your conference attract a large attendance of investment advisors or more private investors?
A. Our surveys of previous attendees shows that our average participant has $100 million under management and is a professional investment manager. We do attract many high net worth individuals and Berkshire shareholders from all six continents and over 30 countries, with most defining themselves as Value Investors.

Q. What has been some of the feedback from the prior attendees in the financial services space?
A. Our best reviews come from our high percentage of returning conference attendees and the fact that we consistently sell out seats in the main auditorium. Previous years we had to broadcast the conference to remote rooms to accommodate overflow attendees.

Q. Will most conference presenters discuss applied portfolio management in the private wealth management arena? Or is more of learning valuation for identifying companies that undervalued from an institutional perspective?
A. Most conference presenters are professional investment managers and discuss their investment process, mistakes, checklists, current holdings, themes and portfolio construction. We don't distinguish between private wealth and institutional investment management but consider the conference content to be applicable to both.

Q. Does the Conference offer stock tips?
A. The Value Investor Conference (VIC) is an education based event focused on the investment process and mistakes rather than hot stock tips. VIC does not provide specific investment advice and is not responsible for speakers’ or attendees’ remarks. Before investing in anything, you must conduct your own careful due diligence.

Q. I have recently finished reading your book 101 Reasons To Own the World's Greatest Investment: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. I have been researching investments for a few years and from what I have learned Berkshire Hathaway to me is the best and only stock I want to own. But I never bought a stock before. Can you please give me very detailed step by step directions on how to own this stock with qualifications and any recommendations if/when needed.
A. Hope you enjoyed 101 Reasons To Own the World's Greatest Investment. I am not a licensed stock broker, registered investment advisor or financial planner therefore I am not qualified to help you. Suggest hiring a professional or visiting a local low cost stock broker like Fidelity, Schwab, TDAmeritrade or Scottrade. They will be able to guide you through detailed steps to purchase Berkshire Hathaway B shares (NYSE:BRK.b). Good luck with your investments.

Q. Will Warren Buffett make an guest appearance at the Value Investor Conference Dinner?
A. No. Warren is always invited but has many demands on his time during the Berkshire Annual Meeting Weekend.

Q. How can I be considered to present at one of your events?
A. Thanks for your inquiry about presenting at future Value Investor Conferences. As you can imagine, we get lots of inquires about speaking. We invite presenters based on a survey of nominations by previous attendees. 

Q. What is the dress code?
A. Dress code is business casual and casual. Best to dress comfortably, some people will wear business jackets and others will prefer jeans. 

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