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Robert P. Miles

International Keynote Speaker and Author
Warren Buffett Scholar and
Berkshire Hathaway Authority


Telling the Warren Buffett Story

Like No One Else

  • Enjoy the wit and humor of a popular international keynote speaker.

  • Hear what Warren Buffett can't say.

  • Benefit from decade long research and behind-the-scenes access to Berkshire Hathaway's CEO and managers.

  • Understand how to put it all together to super-charge your organization.

  • Your best alternative to Warren Buffett himself


5 Great Reasons

to Hire Robert Miles as Your Keynote Speaker

Invited by Warren Buffett

He’s one of the few who've been given access to Warren’s office and to private lunches with Berkshire Hathaway’s Chairman.

by Warren

Recommendation from Warren. The Warren Buffett CEO by Robert Miles is the only Buffett-related book noted in the famous annual letters to shareholders (2001)

and objectivity

Independence and objectivity from Berkshire Hathaway. A long-term shareholder, but not compensated by the company, Robert highlights strengths and challenges of Buffett’s management and investment style.

Research and 

Extensive, decade-long research and expert observations. He’s researched, lectured, and provided expert commentary on national and international television about Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway in the news.

Experienced and popular

Experienced and popular multi-media international presenter. Using slides, stories and audience interaction along with a great sense of humor that translates well into any culture, Robert Miles engages, informs, and entertains.

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like, "Women and Warren Buffett",

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"Your presentation was incredible—a great combination of information and humor—and I truly feel as if I have a better understanding of who Warren Buffett is as a person, a businessman, a scientist, a genius, and a humanitarian. After hearing how all those personality traits encouraged the growth of such a successful person, I’ve begun reevaluating everything I’m doing to promote my own success."

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