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Why Attend

  • Meet like-minded investors from all over the world 

  • A retreat-like atmosphere with the unique ability to really get to know the presenters and your fellow attendees 

  • Presenters offer conversations instead of lectures 

  • Many presenters have achieved outstanding investment performance and are often heralded by the media 

  • Wide variety of presenters with fresh and unique backgrounds

What Is Unique About Us

  • Learn about the process used by successful value investors 

  • Interact with proven chief executives

  • Meet successful money managers, private investors, best selling authors, managers and business journalists representing most of the world's continents 

  • Hear a variety of fresh new speakers representing many countries and continents.

How You Benefit

  • Small intimate setting 

  • Breakfast, lunch, reception and conference breaks offer many networking opportunities 

  • Investment ideas so you walk away with actionable and timely investment suggestions 

  • Find out why more than half of the registered attendees return year after year

  • Re-enforce Value Investing principles and benefits


This unique global conference brings together experienced professional money managers (past participants have averaged $100 million under management), along with pension fund consultants, public pension funds, independent trust companies, hedge fund managers, registered investment advisors, family offices, endowments, foundations and high net worth private investors who share a common interest in self improvement, worldwide contacts, an admiration for Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, and Charlie Munger and an uncommon value approach to investing. 

This is a self-selected world-class investment group that focuses on both the quantitative as well as the qualitative aspects of investing, from generating investment ideas, to exploring the investment process, thinking independently, to valuing a business.


Worldwide conference presenters come from a variety of disciplines including business owners who have sold their business to Warren Buffett, proven investment professionals, business journalists, best selling authors, CEOs, business managers, acclaimed college professors, board members, and private investors.

They truly represent the Munger model of a multi disciplinary approach to business, managing and investing. Presenters are encouraged to offer the highest quality content focused on the investment process and application, along with independent thought and performance rather than assets under management, instead of what everyone else is buying, self promotion or short term stock tips.

Much of the conference experience in Omaha is the opportunity to network with an intimate, exclusive and limited group of other value oriented investors representing as many as 12 different countries, all within a beautiful new state of the art business education auditorium. Meet and greet opportunities include lunch and well planned breaks in-between presentations. Because of the collegial atmosphere, conference delegates have made connections with like-minded investors from as many as 6 different continents.


*Conference registrations are limited to insure exclusivity, accessibility, greater networking opportunities, and a casual retreat-like atmosphere.

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