A Global Symposium for the Rational Investor representing all Six Continents and over 30 Countries.

20th Annual Value Investor Conference - Omaha

Date: Thursday and Friday, May 4 - 5, 2023

Location: University of Nebraska at Omaha, College of Business Administration, Mammel Hall

Previous Speaker Transcripts

NOTICE: We respect the intellectual property rights of our presenters. If our speakers give permission, we upload their presentations to the conference website.

2019 VIC Speaker
Per Börjesson

Value Investor Speech Borjesson
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2019 VIC Speaker
Bill Smead

Value Investor Speech Smead
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2018 Berkshire Summit Speaker
Kevin Clayton

2018 Value Investor Conference
Presenter Transcripts

Chris Swasbrook, Managing Director, Elevation Capital [New Zealand]
Topic: ""I'd like to own either Hershey's or Tiffany's if it's the right price, wouldn't you?" [Charlie Munger, February 2018]

Read Transcript at Elevation Capital (http://www.elevationcapital.co.nz/tiffany-co)

(1) Analysis of one of the above companies via Elevation Capital's framework.
(2) Potential investment idea.

2016 Value Investor Conference
Presenter Transcripts

• Aswath Damodaran - "Price or Value? What's Your Game?"

2015 Charlie Munger Summit
Larry Cunningham Presentation Video

Larry Cunningham
, Author, Professor GWU Law School Presentation Transcript

Topic: "Berkshire Beyond Buffett . . . and Munger . . ."

2015 Conference/Summit

Jon Clifton, Managing Director, Gallup World Poll

Topic: "Gallup Analytics: Different Data for Different Insights"
Tom Russo, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Gardner Russo & Gardner
Topic: "Capacity to Suffer: Global Value Equity Investing"

2011 Video Interviews
Conference Video Interviews with Morningstar Reporter Jason Stipp
Sokol's Gone...Move On
How Serious Is the Succession Issue at Berkshire?
Weighing Berkshire's Acquisition Prospects

2007 Al Ueltschi -
Video interview with 2007 presenter, Buffett CEO and FlightSafety founder, Al Ueltschi.